Masterlift X-Air Light 4

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Dive into an unforgettable underwater experience with the latest BEUCHAT BCD. Whether you're an experienced diver looking for adventure or a beginner wanting to explore the depths with confidence, X-AIR LIGHT 4 will be your ideal partner.

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Get ready for exceptional underwater adventures. Discover how the X-AIR LIGHT 4 stab, optimises your diving experiences, offering stability, comfort, practicality and ease of transport.

Perfect stabilisation:  

Featuring advanced X-AIR technology, the X-AIR LIGHT 4 offers an incredible underwater experience, allowing divers to fully focus on their exploration. The combination of a traditional adjustable volume with a back volume (X shape) offers perfect stabilisation whatever your position in the water.


With its new flexible, lightweight and robust back pack, this BCD is an essential travel companion.


Its rotating buckle and adjustable straps ensure an optimum fit. Dive with confidence with the X-AIR Light 4 stab.


Equipped with 6 metal 6D-ring rings, a state-of-the-art inflator and an advanced purge system, this stabilising waistcoat combines quality and performance. It meets the needs of the most demanding divers.


With an octo pocket and two large ergonomic porches, X-AIR light 4 offers maximum functionality while ensuring balanced weight distribution.

Designed to meet the needs of divers, every detail of the X-AIR light 4 shows BEUCHAT's commitment to an exceptional underwater experience. Dive with ease with Beuchat.